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Get more from your property with our series of value adding guides, packed full of home flipping tips and inspiration.

Are you looking to raise the asking price for your house? Want to flip a property for maximum profit? Maybe you simply want to get more out of your family home.

Whatever the case, our mission is to bring you actionable projects that will increase both the value and enjoyment you get out of your property.

House Flipping Tips and Strategy

What are the best ways to flip a house for profit?

Our experts have experience finding and investing in properties with the maximum upside. Of course, there are many external factors that come in to play - from good transport links, to outstanding schools, and areas that are seen as desirable to potential buyers. Learning how to spot these opportunities is key for any aspiring home flipper - and our blog teaches you how.

Once you have a property under your belt, there are thousands of ways to add value cosmetically, structurally or simply through the use of smart decor. Our home flipping tips and strategies look at the easy wins - things you can do today to increase the value of your home - as well as the larger projects that require greater planning and investment, ideally for an even greater return.

Step by Step: How To Increase My Home Value

We follow some very simple principles for increasing house prices.

It starts by putting ourselves in the buyer's shoes. Every property comes with its unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and these aren't always appreciated by the current property owner.

A very basic formula for success is to amplify the strengths of the property, increasing its perceived value and desirability. Meanwhile, we aim to pinpoint the key areas for improvement - factors that are statistically proven to reduce house prices and harm your investment.

Through a combination of eliminating these weaknesses, masking them, or in some cases turning them in to strengths, we can create a positive first impression that will both maximise interest in your house AND increase the price you are able to negotiate.

By following the Value Adder blog, you can learn all about the best ways to add value to a home - or simply get more out of the property for your own enjoyment.