10 Ways to Show Off Your Garage Space


Are you looking to flip your house and get every ounce of value out of it in the process? Selling up is a straightforward option if you want to boost profit and earn a little extra money. However, it isn’t going to happen without the right research. As well as picking the perfect area/feature of your property, you also have to come up with exciting ideas that buyers will love.

In this blog, the focus is going to be on garage space and how homeowners can use it to make a house more desirable. Continue reading to learn about the cheap and effective tricks at your disposal, all of which focus on adding value.

Clearing Out Your Garage

Before you get to the creative part, there is a bit of legwork to do first. Yes, your garage is a room full of potential, yet people who view the house won’t be able to see it if it’s cluttered. As a result, the kerb appeal will be lower, as will the chances of a sale will decrease. The good news is that a pair of marigolds and a sprinkle of elbow grease is all you need to boost your home’s desirability.

By removing the clutter and making it tidier, two things will happen. Firstly, the garage space will appear open and airy. Secondly, and as a direct knock-on effect, viewers will be able to imagine the garage space as their own. Once potential buyers see themselves and their designs in your home, then you are one step closer to finalising a deal.

Cleaning Tips & Advice

If you aren’t unsure how or where to start, this post has got your back. Here is a handful of fantastic cleaning tips for your garage space that never fails.

Remove Everything

The path of least resistance is tempting, which is why you’ll want to try and tidy up without moving anything. The problem is that you don’t know what’s hiding under boxes, and nasty surprises are the last thing you need during a viewing. Taking all of your belongings out of the garage will make the process easier, plus it should help from a clutter perspective. By physically handling valuables, you should get a sense of what’s essential and what’s overstayed its welcome.

Decide On Your ‘Keep’ Criteria

Once the garage space is clear, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to deal with clutter. Removing anything, performing a deep clean, and then putting it all back sort of negates the point. Part of cleaning your garage space is to make it neater and tidier, and that means throwing things in the bin. Thankfully, it’s not as hard as it sounds as long as you’re semi-ruthless. You can use a straightforward question to help: “is this in here for a reason?” Should you answer no, the object is destined for the landfill!

You might want to keep belongings if they are:

  • items you’ve used more than once
  • in working order/not broken
  • not easy to buy, rent or borrow

Find Stuff A Home

The garage will look messy again if stuff is strewn out on the floor and not organised. It doesn’t matter how few things you have because a handful of objects can ruin the appeal. With that in mind, it’s smart to give everything a home so that you don’t leave it lying around. Containers and boxes are perfect, yet you might not have the room to store them appropriately. In that case, walls with hanging space are fantastic alternatives. Don’t worry about garden tools or appliances looking untidy – they add to the area when they’re placed there purposely.

10 Ways To Show Off Your Garage Space

Trying to show off your garage space isn’t impossible. To prove it, there are ten tricks below that are hassle-free and affordable. Enjoy!

Appliance Organisation

You’ve cleaned the garage and thrown away the unnecessary stuff. As a result, you’re left with a small group of the essentials. Great – so what should you do next?! The key is to put the things that you believe are worth keeping into some semblance of order. The human brain is a sucker for organisation, especially when it has an element of meaning. For example, do you have white kitchen appliances in the garage? If so, group them so that the shapes, patterns, and sizes compliment each other perfectly. That way, space will catch a buyer’s eye and make them take notice. It’s a basic technique, yet it’s useful because it allows the room to flow.

Quality Shelving

Part of showing off your garage is to exploit the space as best you can because there is never enough to go around. The inability to get to hard-to-reach areas is why garages look cluttered, and that’s the last thing you need before a house viewing. Therefore, it’s smart to opt for high-quality shelving. Light, cheap, and easy to install, shelving gives you access to the areas that you thought were out of reach. Think of wall space up high that’s tough to exploit because of its location. With shelves, the small to medium things that are hard to store are nowhere near as annoying. Plus, they open up your garage as they fit snugly into corners, leaving the main floor space as the focal point.

Gym Area

Nothing is as cliche as converting your garage into a gym area. Imagine the freedom of being able to roll out of bed and do your daily workout without the usual hassle. There’s no reason to worry about how you look or what other people think as it’s your private haven. For most homeowners, it’s a pipedream as the practicality of a fully-functioning garage outweighs a gym. But what if you could have both? Well, you can because there’s no reason to buy bulky bike machines or treadmills. Instead, you can put mats on the floor and hang rings from the ceiling. As long as there is enough room to perform a home workout, you can advertise it as a gym area.

A tip: consider changing the flooring. Cement isn’t an exercise-friendly material, so you might be better off with hardwood flooring as it’s warmer.


Are you an artist who loves to paint? Or do you prefer DIY and saving the family a fortune in contractor bills? If you fall into either category, it’s a good idea to use the garage space as a workshop. Not only is it practical, but buyers tend to be budding artists or DIYers. And, if they’re not, anyone can appreciate saving money and having the flexibility to decide. The great thing about a converted workshop is that it’s low-maintenance. All you need is space for a workbench or an easel. Just remember to consider the line from the centre of the room to the door. It should be simple for DIY lovers to move materials in and out regardless of the size. You might also need to think about the ceiling because it could need extending.

Open Floor Plan

Depending on the location of your garage space, you might be able to knock through and extend the bottom floor of your home. An open plan garage and living room combination is a feature buyers love for several reasons. The first is the amount of room – they don’t have to worry about being cramped or suffocated. Secondly, it’s the light as knocking through the garage boosts natural light, making the property seem brighter and airier. Finally, buyers love fluidity. Being able to walk from the kitchen to the living room without opening and closing a door is becoming a must-have feature for 21st-century homeowners. The people who view your house might not like an open floor plan, but that’s not a problem. Free space is full of potential and your estate agent can remind them that it’s easy to partition with a screen, glass, or wood slatting.

Garage Lounge

If knocking down walls and extending into the main body of the house sounds like hard work, you can bring the lounge to the garage space. Adding a sofa and chairs is the simplest thing in the world and transform the area from a garage into a new room of the house. As well as seating options, don’t forget a mat and ambient lighting to add warmth and depth. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between style and substance. Yes, it needs to look good, but it should also be comfortable so that it invites house viewers to sit down and relax. People that take a pew are bound to remember the cosy little garage-lounge when they decide on which property to buy. A savvy move is to keep it simple. Forget the smart home tech – use textures and materials to wow them instead. They can add that stuff later.

Home Office

Freelancing jobs and flexitime at work means that more people are leaving the office behind for a couple of days each week. Working from home is a treat, yet it’s full of dangers. Whether it’s slacking off and watching TV or taking an impromptu nap, digital nomads often need to strike a balance between work and home. An office is an ultimate option. For one thing, it gives them the ability to work in a peaceful space and be productive. That way, they won’t be yearning to go back to their desks! However, it offers them the flexibility to work in a healthier environment while dictating their schedules. With a desk and plenty of natural light, your garage space will turn into a home office in the blink of an eye.

What’s incredible about this option is the amount of area left over. Rather than filling it with junk, you should add a piece of furniture that fits in and provides an extra purpose. For instance, a sofa bed means buyers can use the office as a guest room.

Man/Woman Cave

A games room isn’t childish or immature. In fact, lots of adults love the idea of a games room at home because it is an opportunity to unwind. Whether it’s a partner or the kids, men and women need a place to go when they want to relax. A man/woman cave is perfect as it’s out of the way and comfortable. And, depending on what furniture and appliances you choose, it should be fun! To appeal to all interested parties, you are better off including gender-neutral features. As well as cosy sofas and armchairs, everybody loves a bar and plasma screen on the wall. A pool table is an option, but only if you have the room. Otherwise, it’s best to stick with multipurpose fittings and fixtures.

Powder Room

If you can’t swing a cat in your garage, you’re not going to have plenty of options from which to choose. Of course, the good thing is that you don’t need a great deal of garage space for a powder room. In its rawest form, it’s a room that has a toilet and a sink and takes the pressure off the main facilities. Still, buyers love a second bathroom/powder room because it has so much potential. They can extend it and add a shower if they want, or they can leave it and use it to reduce the tension in the house during the mornings!

Garage Functionality

As remarkable as it might be to you, some homeowners want their garage space to act like a garage. Shock horror, right? Jokes aside, a place to park is a necessity in certain parts of the country because it reduces stress and the cost of running a car. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to leave the room as it is and showcase its ability to house a vehicle. There are two options: you can remove your car and park it elsewhere to show off the size, or you can leave it there. The latter is to prove that a regular motor will fit in easily without any hassle. People with massive garage space might want to park two cars or a car and a motorbike. Have fun with it, people!

4 Things To Do Before A House Viewing

Whether or not you think your garage space will be the difference, you have to prepare every part of your home to make a sale. Otherwise, it will lack the wow factor. After all, buyers are temperamental and will turn off if they see something they dislike even if your garage is on point. With that in mind, below are the ways to prepare your home for a house viewing.

Focus On The Exterior

Your property’s exterior is the first thing house viewers see when they arrive outside. As such, it can be the difference between making tonnes of profit and keeping your house on the market for months. It’s essential to make a positive first impression, or else potential buyers won’t fall in love with your home straight away. To do that, you need to take care of repairs regardless of the size. Fix any cracks in windows or chips in the paint, and focus on the entry points. They should look as secure as possible to instil faith and promote safety.

The garden is another big deal when it comes to kerb appeal. Old appliances lying on the lawn aren’t welcoming, and neither is outdoor clutter. Make sure fridges and ovens are removed by the council beforehand and put tools and kids’ toys in the shed or inside the house.

And Maintain High Standards

Just because there isn’t a house viewing that day doesn’t mean an interested party isn’t scoping out your home. To prove the importance of kerb appeal, you should remember that curious people will drive-by the property to get a feel for the house before scheduling a viewing. So, you must maintain your home’s high standards even if you don’t think anyone is watching. The fact is that they are and will drive past never to be seen again if they aren’t impressed.

Put Your Pets Elsewhere

You and the majority of the country love pets, but not everyone is sold on the furry little critters. As a result, your dog might unwillingly harm your chances of flipping the property. Hair, for instance, is likely to make the interior look and feel dirty, which is a no-no for buyers. Where possible, find them a new home during a viewing just in case.

Find Out Who’s Coming

Lastly, you should find out as much as you can about the people coming to view your home. The reason is simple – you can tweak your garage based on their preferences. If it’s a couple with kids, you should open up space as much as possible. If it’s young professionals, however, you might want to show them that the garage is an excellent home office.

Flipping houses isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why here at Value Adder, we offer our readers top advice to help them get started.

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