13 Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Modern Makeover On a Budget


When it comes to home improvements, giving your bathroom a makeover is highly recommended. It doesn’t take much for a bathroom to go out of fashion (think avocado suites), and there are plenty of elements you can improve.

No doubt you’ve probably thought about upgrading your bathroom and making it more modern. But, you’ve run into a pretty big stumbling block; your budget. It’s common to feel like a bathroom makeover costs a fortune – but you’ll be surprised at how many budget-friendly ideas exist.

So, here are some excellent bathroom makeover ideas that won’t break the bank:

Create More Floor Space

A key element of modern bathroom design is the amount of floor space. Modern bathrooms don’t have a lot of things on the floor, which makes them feel more spacious and less cluttered. Take this advice for a cheap bathroom makeover idea; free up your floor.

The easiest way to do this is by mounting things to the walls instead of having them on the floor. For example, get a mounted cabinet instead of one that sits in the corner taking up so much space. Or, get a mounted towel rack that heats up, instead of a radiator on the floor and a towel rack next to it. You’re not losing any functionality from your bathroom, but you’re taking up less space and making it look modern!

Enhance Your Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom is so easy and inexpensive to change. There are so many ideas you can try here as well. If you just have one ceiling light, then think about switching to a series of small LED lights instead. It instantly brightens up the room, making it feel like new.

Modern bathrooms are all very well-lit, so you need to copy this. Another feature you find in extremely new bathrooms is mood lighting. Install a dimmer switch in your room, and you can alter the intensity of the light. Make it bright when you’re showering, then turn it down low when you want to take a relaxing bath. Again, a simple change that adds a sense of modernity to this space.

Re-Tile Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is over 10 years old, then the chances are the tiling is pretty awful. Not only will the design of the tiles be heavily outdated, but you’ll probably have mould or dirt in the grouting as well. So, give your bathroom a new look by getting it re-tiled.

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

This sounds like a very expensive idea, but it’s actually more affordable than you think. Plus, it probably has the most significant impact on your bathroom out of all the ideas. Find some contemporary tiles that match your existing fixtures, and replace your old ones with them. For wall tiles, you could get grout-free ones, so they’re easier to clean as well.

Now, if you’re on a very strict budget, then this might be slightly out of your reach. Instead, re-tile either the flooring or the walls. Choose one – the floor tends to be cheaper as there are fewer tiles required. It won’t have the same impact, but it still gives you a bathroom makeover.

Fit New Mirrors

You should have at least one mirror in your bathroom. Ideally, it hangs above the sink so you can see your face when you’re brushing your teeth every morning and night. Over time, this mirror could become stained and old. So, a cheap bathroom makeover idea is replacing it with a new one. Fit a brand new mirror to add some extra style to your bathroom. Choose a modern design as well, so it has an even more significant impact.

Likewise, try and get another mirror or two in there as well. Mirrored cabinet doors are trendy as they help open up your room. Or, another mirror on the wall will have the same impact.

As well as opening up your bathroom and creating the illusion of more space, mirrors help illuminate the place as well. So, when combined with tip #2, you can use mirrors to create a dazzlingly bright and beautiful bathroom area.

Get New Shiny Taps

Shiny new taps

The taps in your bathroom get used every single day. If you live in a family home, then your children will touch them with dirty hands all the time. Even if your hands are clean, they still get watermarks on them that turn into rust spots. As such, your bathroom starts to look very old because the taps aren’t in a good state.

Or, you may keep your taps in perfect condition – they’re just out of style. If you look at the taps inside a house built today compared to ones in a 20-year-old home, the difference is striking!

Either way, fitting some shiny new taps will instantly makeover your bathroom. If you’ve had gold taps for years, maybe go for silver or chrome ones now. If you usually have a hot and cold tap, then perhaps get a different style where both hot/cold water comes through the same tap. You have a plethora of ideas, and they’re all budget-friendly.

The best thing about this bathroom makeover suggestion is that you can suit it to your own budget. Think about how much you want to spend on taps, then look at all the selections in your price range.

Paint the Ceiling

We’ve covered the floor and walls, but what about the ceiling? For a cheap and effective bathroom makeover idea; paint your ceiling!

It sounds simple, and that’s because it is. Here, you can add a new splash of colour to your bathroom. Or, think about getting an exquisite pattern designed on there. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you use waterproof paint. The last thing you want is your ceiling dripping paint down on the floor!

If you’re handy at DIY, then you can make this such a cheap idea. All you need to pay for is the paint – and possibly painting tools if you don’t have any.

Upgrade the Shower

Those of you that have a shower should take advantage of this nifty bathroom makeover hack. Replace your old shower with a more updated model. These days, shower technology has improved dramatically. You can buy touchscreen showers, ones with multiple modes, or even ones that attach to the ceiling and create a waterfall effect.

Any of these options can work for you – depending on your budget and shower style. If you just have a shower box/wet room, then you can choose loads of different shower upgrades. But, if you have a bath with a shower attached to the wall, then your options are a little bit limited. However, you can still give the shower and upgrade and improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom.

Right away, your bathroom looks more modern when a new shower is in there. But, it feels contemporary as well! If you’re really looking for a cheap idea, then replacing the showerhead can have a bit of an impact as well.

Remove the Bath

Those of you with a more generous budget will love this idea. A modern bathroom doesn’t really need a bath. Most people like to shower as it’s more convenient. So, transform your bathroom by removing the bath and installing a shower instead. If the plumbing under your bath is okay, then it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Plus, it’s still a budget-friendly idea because you don’t have to do anything to any other parts of the bathroom. If you choose to do this, then that’s all you really need to give this space a makeover.

Give Your Bathroom a Deep Clean

That’s right, giving your bathroom a proper clean will drastically improve it. Many of you may be happy with the overall design of your bathroom space. In which case, there’s no point paying to add or take away things. Instead, cleaning this space will allow it to glisten and gleam like new.

The key is ensuring you give it a deep clean. Don’t just wipe over the surfaces, properly get into every nook and cranny. You could also hire some professional cleaners to take care of a few jobs as well. For example, bring someone in to remove any stains and clean the tile grouting. If there’s damp on the ceiling, then get this professionally removed as well.

Even if you need to hire people to clean your whole bathroom, it will still be budget-friendly. When you see the difference this makes, it will blow your mind.

Add Innovative Storage

As well as cleaning your bathroom, you should de-clutter it too. Removing all the clutter from your bath and sink areas will improve the appearance of this space. The best thing is that you can theoretically do this for free. If you have empty or half-used bottles that have been lying around for ages, then get rid of them to instantly give your bathroom a makeover.

But, the best idea is to add some innovative storage to your bathroom. We already mentioned wall cabinets, and adding an extra one can help you clear away lots of the usual bathroom clutter. Or, fix some railing or shelves to the wall near your shower. Here, you can line up all the different shampoo and shower gel bottles, tidying up the appearance of your bathroom.

The less clutter you have, the more spacious and modern your bathroom looks!

Add Film to your Windows

Window film is a fantastic bathroom upgrade for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it helps add more privacy to your bathroom. The film can cover up portions of the window, stopping people from seeing inside.

Secondly, it can be used to add a beautiful pattern to your window as well. You can buy window film that can be attached in various patterns. This small change will add something extra to your bathroom. You’re taking something plain and boring – your windows – and jazzing them up a bit. Plus, it’s a cheaper way to improve your windows that replacing them or adding some new blinds.

Bring in Some House Plants

Bathroom plants and flowers

If you look at the hottest interior design trends around right now, then bringing plants into the home is a big one. People love the idea of blending the outside with the inside. So, take this advice and use it to give your bathroom a beautiful makeover.

Get your hands on some house plants that can withstand the typical humidity of a bathroom. Add then to the windowsill – or place some on a shelf. If you want, you could even hang some flower baskets from the wall to add an extra splash of greenery to the area.

House plants are cheap, they look beautiful, and they also come with a bonus; plant pots. Yes, by bringing plants into your bathroom, it gives you an excuse to get some gorgeous pots to put them in. Make these pots reflect the design of your bathroom to further improve the aesthetics.

Change the Colour of Your Towels and Mats

Lastly, you can give your bathroom a new look if you change the colour of the towels and mats in there. Swap your current ones out for a new design that adds something extra to your bathroom. Even something subtle like swapping white for grey will make a pretty big difference. Plus, your towels and bathroom mats often get dirty and worn down, which takes something away from the design of this space.

To add to this, if you have blinds, then maybe swap them out for a new colour to match all the new towels and mats as well.

As you can see, your bathroom makeover options are endless. Any of these ideas will undoubtedly make your bathroom look more modern and stylish. You could choose a handful of these selections and use them to upgrade your bathroom, or just use one. It all depends on the current state of your bathroom and your budget.

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