14 Tips to Make Your Home Lighter


Making your home brighter and lighter is one of the best changes you can make to your home. Why is this? Well, if there is a shadow in a room it is always going to look more cramped and significantly smaller. Regardless of whether you are trying to impress guests or considering a potential sale, this is the last thing you want. 

You want your home to feel open, grand and the perfect space for a growing family. If your home is dark, research also suggests that this can impact mood similar to the seasonal blues. So, a brighter home could be great for your mental health too. 

The good news is that there are lots of fantastic ways to ensure that your home is brighter. We’re going to explore a few of these possibilities from large changes to simple solutions. 

Paint Bright 

One of the easiest ways to make a home lighter is to paint rooms with bright colours. You can think about cream as the natural choice here. This is one of the reasons why show homes usually have white walls. It helps guarantee that the room looks light, bright and therefore more open. With white walls, you can make a room seem like a blank canvas for anyone to add ideas to. 

Of course, you can opt for other shades rather than simple white. Any bright colours will ensure that the room has more light, even through the evening. For instance, butter yellow is a common choice for the kitchen. While bright blue can be a great option to ensure that your bathroom seems lighter and brighter. In terms of areas to paint white, you should consider the halls. The halls are a great option for cream paint because they will typically be an area of the property that receive the lowest levels of natural light. 

Choose The Right Finish

Once you have finished painting the walls, you also need to select the right finish. The best choice will be either eggshell or satin. You need to avoid matte finishes because these are flat if dry and as such, they will absorb light. 

In contrast, eggshell and satin will reflect the light and basically bounce it around the room. So, they will be ideal for maximising the potential for both natural and artificial light. Another clear benefit is that you will be able to add this to a wide range of surfaces. You can use it on woodwork, picture rails, doors, staircases and more. Alternatively, you can choose white gloss. This is one of the most reflective finishes available. It will ensure that your home looks clean, clear and bright. 

Choose Drapes

Curtains are fantastic for keeping the heat in but they also keep the light out. That’s a problem through the winter months when you want to ensure that your home remains as warm as possible without pushing up the cost of your heating. The answer will be draped. Drapes are the perfect option for winter because they provide a shield from the cold but are thin enough to let the light shine through. They are usually bright colours too or pastel shades, providing another way to ensure that your home looks lighter and beautiful. 

Drapes are a fantastic choice for summer and spring as well. They will provide the privacy that you want for your home and block the strongest rays from the sun. At the same time, they allow enough light in to ensure that your home remains bright, warm and welcoming. Some homeowners will have two sets of coverings for their windows – drapes for the summer season and thicker curtains when winter arrives. 

You can think about the curtain rod that you choose as well. Some curtain rods won’t allow you to open the curtains fully. Instead, they will stubbornly block part of the window. You need a rod that ensures that you can reveal the full window to let all the light through. 

It’s also worth removing any extra features and decor from netting to valances, tiers and window toppers. These are all the little details that are partially going to block out at least some light and as such need to be avoided as much as possible. 

The Right Furniture 

You can think about opting for the right furniture to ensure that your home looks bright and beautiful as well. Make sure that you select different pieces of furniture that are designed with bright shades. Bright shades for furniture are on trend right now because they fit in with a minimal design and ensure that your home looks contemporary. People often avoid buying furniture with brighter shades because they think these pieces will always look dirty or show stains. 

While this can be the case, you can solve this problem with some throw blankets. You can opt for throws that are lovely bright colours too. Different shades absorb light and as such will provide the impact that you want for a lighter home. 

LED Bulbs

When setting up lights in your home, there are a few changes that you can make to ensure that the property looks brighter. For instance, you can think about adding LEDs rather than the typical halogen bulbs. LEDs provide great benefits and are fantastic for saving energy. However, one of the best aesthetic advantages is that you will find is that these bulbs provide a far brighter, white light. This is perfect if you want to make your home appear brighter and you will notice the change immediately. Halogen bulbs provide a more dull, yellow light that doesn’t have the same impact. 

You can also think about opting for smart bulbs too. Smart bulbs will be ideal because you can change them to whichever colour will provide the right effect in a room of your home. You can also take full control over the brightness of these bulbs and adjust them to the point where they are providing the perfect effect for a space in your home. 

Choose The Right Type Of Lighting 

If you are keen to ensure that your home looks lighter, then you do need to make sure that you are choosing the right type of lighting. Lamps and lampshades are best avoided as the primary source of light for any area of your home. The issue with these is that they will create shadows. 

As we have mentioned, shadows will make a room seem dark and more cramped with lower levels of space. As such, it’s best to avoid these if you can. Instead, you should consider choosing the right light fixtures. Ideally, you should make sure that your light fixtures provide the greatest level of light to the widest area possible. 

Spotlights are a great option here and have become very popular for the modern home. Spotlights can also be used to accentuate and draw attention to a key feature within a room or space. For instance, you can add spotlights over a kitchen island or a fireplace. Basically, it’s a great choice for any area that you want to elevate as part of the decor. 

Sunken in spotlights are another great choice for making your home lighter. The benefit of this particular lighting fixture is that it will ensure that light is distributed evenly throughout the room. You just need to make sure that the lights are positioned at the right points. You can contact a designer to find exactly how many spotlights you need for a particular area. 

It’s also possible to add more innovative forms of lighting to different areas of a room. For instance, you can consider adding lighting strips to different spaces in the kitchen. As well as providing decorative benefits, these will make the room look just a little brighter. They are also versatile enough to be used practically anywhere from around the side of the bed to a kitchen counter. 


You may also want to think about removing clutter from your home. When you fill a room with items, accessories and furniture, you create a number of issues. The room with look closed off and there will be less open areas. Furniture and accessories can also block different light sources making space seem darker. You might also find that the furniture in the room is creating a shadow. We’ve already mentioned issues with this. 

To declutter, you need to think about the furniture that you want or need and the items that are just taking up space. For instance, for a living area, you only need as many seats as there are people living in the home. Additional seats can be stored out of sight and mind in the basement or attic. Do this and you will immediately find that the home looks a lot lighter. 

Mirror Image 

Another great way to make a room lighter is to spread light through the room as much as possible. You can do this by setting up mirrors in the right places. For instance, in the bedroom, you can have large mirrors covering the wardrobe doors. These will fit in naturally with the decor of the room and provide the practical benefit of reflecting both natural and artificial light. By doing this you can make sure that there is no space in the home that looks dark and dimly lit. 

You’ll find that there are mirrors in every style and size so you are bound to find ones that match the rooms in your home perfectly. 

Make Your Space More Open 

The open plan is in style right now and one of the reasons for this is that open plan living is a great way to spread natural light around different areas of the home. You may not have an open plan property however you don’t need to let that stop you from embracing this idea. 

There are lots of tricks that you can try including replacing solid doors with transparent doors instead. This will let natural light travel from room to room. Alternatively, you can also consider using glass bricks. This is another little trick that will work a charm and ensure that light is able to travel between different rooms. It’s also a unique design choice that will look incredible as part of your property. 

Transform The Floor And The Ceiling 

You need to make sure that you think about the ceiling of the rooms in your home as well. Just like the walls, the ceilings of the rooms in your property should be painted white. Many people believe that darker ceilings look stylish. While this may be true, they won’t do anything for the lighting level of your home. Darker ceilings appear to be lower and as such will make the room seem darker overall. 

Don’t forget when you’re thinking about selecting reflective surfaces, then you can also experiment with the same idea on the ceiling too. You can consider adding a reflective finish like a gloss to the paint on the ceiling. Do this and it will just be one more area that is bouncing light around the room. 

As for the flooring, you should consider opting for a wood floor with a light tone. Ideally, the wood should be polished as this will guarantee that the light reflects off the surfaces in the same way as we have already discussed. It provides the same benefits of gloss and finishes. If you want to make a surface more reflective, you can consider adding epoxy resin too. This is a great choice and will provide the aesthetic of something similar to glass or water. 

Of course, it’s possible that you may prefer something softer under your foot. An example of this could be carper. If you do choose carpet, make sure that you opt for a lighter shade. A darker shade of carpet will once again have an impact on the entire room, rather than just the flooring. 

Alternatively, you might want to keep the minimal wood flooring but add a little texture to the floor. You can do this with a rug. You just need to make sure that you select a bright colour that still matches the aesthetic of the rest of the room. 

Choose The Right Colour Scheme 

Selecting the right colour scheme is always going to have a great impact on your home and how light it appears. You need to select the colours and shades that you use carefully. For instance, you should consider using visually receding colours. There are many examples to choose from including the lighter shades of yellow, green and blue. These are all passive and receding. 

As well as ensuring that a room looks brighter, they will also guarantee that a room seems more grand and bigger. There are some colours that you should avoid too and many of these options won’t surprise you. 

Dark blues and greens, as well as oranges, reds and dark neutrals like brown and black, should not be part of a lighter room design. Colours like this are going to make a room seem both smaller and darker. This is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. You need to think about these colour choices when you are choosing accessories, furniture and decorating the room itself. 

Add Metallics

We’ve already mentioned that mirrors are a great way to catch and reflect light around a room. However, there are other options including metallic surfaces. Metallic surfaces will often be part of modern room design and fit in well with a minimal, contemporary decor theme. 

Gold and silver accessories will shimmer in the light. So, this is another great way that you can add more to your room decor and brighten up the place at the same time. Choose accessories that are dynamic for a more dramatic effect on the perception of the room.

Clean Up

If you are using reflective surfaces to ensure that your home looks brighter and lighter, it’s important to make that you keep them well maintained and clean. If mirrors and even windows have marks and dirt across them, it’s going to spoil the impact that they have on a room. You should make sure that you are removing marks like this regularly to guarantee that you get the greatest impact here. 

Trim The Trees

You can also think about what is stopping light from entering your home on the outside. There are a few possibilities to consider here including the trees. It’s possible that there are trees on your property that are blocking the light from entering your home through the windows. If that’s the case, make sure that you trim these trees back as much as possible. 

Alternatively, you might have some type of exterior window cover. These are often purely for style and serve no real practical benefit. They are easy to remove too and doing so will ensure that your windows are able to absorb a far greater level of light. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best and easiest ways to make your home a lot lighter. 

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