How To Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal


It’s not just the inside of your home that matters, the outside does too. If you want to sell your property, you need to ensure that every inch of it looks spectacular to really draw buyers in.

The kerb appeal is one of those things that often gets forgotten, when really it should be near the top of your list. But what exactly is kerb appeal, and why is it so important?

Below, you’ll find the answers to these questions, as well as key advice for improving the kerb appeal of your own property.

What is Kerb Appeal?

This is an indicator of the initial appeal to potential buyers when they come to view a property. It’s all about how attractive the home is when viewed from the streets, so things like a cared for garden, and a freshly painted exterior can make all the difference.

The kerb appeal of your home can actually increase the value of your property, and people are more likely to buy a home that has been cared for so that they can move in with as little stress as possible. It’s quite a vital part of selling your house, but not just because of the increased value.

Why is it Important? It’s All About First Impressions

The other reason kerb appeal is essential is because it is all about the first impression that your home leaves. People judge a property from the moment they arrive, and if they get there only to discover that the home is derelict on the outside and needs a lot of work, it immediately stops being as appealing to them.

First impressions are everything, especially when you are showing a property to potential buyers. Improving your kerb appeal and putting a little extra work into it really pays off when it’s on the market. Otherwise, the buyers will just to purchase a home somewhere else and it will take longer for you to make the sale; especially if you want the asking price.

What Can You Do?

Studies have found that buyers would pay up to 25% extra for a property that has had a new coat of paint on the exterior. That is a pretty exceptional number, and really makes the process of refreshing the exterior worth it. Below, you will find our top ten tips for what you can do to ensure that your kerb appeal is right up there.

Manicure the Front Garden

Manicured front garden

This is a pretty essential area, because the front garden is one of the first things that invite people into your home. If it is overgrown, dead, or generally uncared for, then you are going to end up with uninterested buyers who have a terrible first impression. Your garden is the centre of your kerb appeal, and without it, you don’t have much hope of a fast sale at asking price.

Weed your garden, mow the lawn, and plant a variety of plants and flowers that really show people how much you love your home. The smell from the flowers often leaves people feeling relaxed and positive, and a front garden that shows them how they can utilise the space will leave them with ideas already churning in their minds.

Repaint and Touch up

If your home has painted exterior walls, this does chip and get worn relatively quickly. Before you put your house on the market, you need to repaint the area and touch things up as needed. It might take a little time and effort, and you may even need to hire someone to do it for you, but it is well worth the additional time and effort.

It can give a house a whole new lease on life, and your buyers will notice the extra effort that you put into the presentation. When they drive up, the first thing they will see is a new paint job, and that makes for a fantastic first impression.

Revamp the Front Door

Front door first impressions

The front door is the first to be opened in a home, and it is also the one that leaves the biggest first impression. Does it need to be replaced? Will a new coat of paint do the job? Does it match the house itself? These are all questions that you need to answer if you want your home to sell. Kerb appeal and the front door go hand in hand, and it is more important than you might think.

Replacing a front door does not have to be an expensive job, and there are many affordable models that can be fitted and still look fantastic. If it only needs a paint job, this is even easier and should only take up to a day, depending on how much love it needs. Consider replacing things like the knocker, knob, bell, and letterbox if you want to really jazz things up and make them look good.

Clean the Windows

There is nothing worse than dirty windows, and they can really take away from the visual appeal. The same goes if you find that your wooden window frames are cracked and chipping, or the paint is coming off. These are issues that need to be fixed, and your prospective buyers will appreciate it.

If the frames are really bad, consider replacing them. This might seem like a lot of work, but poor frames can end up reducing the value of your home. If they are just looking a bit sad and in need of love, repaint them instead and give them a new lease on life. Wash the glass, spruce it up, and stand back to take a look at how much better your home is visually after just a little added effort.

Invest in Lighting

A house needs to feel like a home, and this counts even from the outside. Adding some outdoor lighting to the front of your property makes it feel warm and inviting to those who are visiting. When you are selling your property, they add a touch of gentleness to the area, and you can have multiple lights if you really want to boost that feeling. Choose something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as a light that goes with the overall style and theme of your home. Matching works; trust me.

Replace Gravel

If you have a gravel drive or path, the amount there does decrease over time. It gets kicked away, dragged into the road, and it can start looking a little empty and sad. If your gravel looks like it could do with some TLC, now is the best time to replace it or at least top it up. Your viewers will notice if the gravel is fresh, and it is a little touch that will be appreciated by them. Not to mention that it keeps the area looking nice for you.

Clean the Path

The path leading to your front door should be clear from rubble and debris, as well as freshly weeded. Make it look like something you are proud of, so that those viewing your house understand that you actually care about the property. A messy path is very unappealing, and it won’t be appreciated. Similarly, weeds sprouting up from between the cracks are unsightly. Take a little time to pull them up and really clean the gaps. Even give it a quick pressure wash if you have the chance.

Tidy the Details

There are little details all over the front of your property, and these need to be addressed to make things look as nice as possible. One of the key elements is to ensure that the name or number of your home has been made clear so that those arriving can see it. Potential buyers need to be able to find it, but so do their guests if and when they move into the property.

These details can also include things like the front gate, if you have one, as it may need some oil or repainting just to get it looking perfect. If you have a large front gate for cars, consider tweaking it to ensure the hinges are tight and that it opens and closes effortlessly. People notice the little things, and that’s why you need to ensure they are taken care of.

Hide the Bins

We all know that bins are part of owning a home, and that they will need to be dragged to the front of the house on bin collection day. However, they also smell and are considered unsightly. The worst thing you can do is leave the bins in plain sight when your prospective buyers come to view the property.

If you can, swing them into the garden and put them in the shed or another hidden location where they won’t be seen. The most important thing is that they are kept away from the front of the house so that they don’t detract from the kerb appeal. It’s only a small task, but it is one that can have a massive impact.

New Parking Space

If you have the room and the means, creating an extra parking space can be very beneficial. Many homes have two people working that require two cars, and so a house with only one parking space can be a deal-breaker.

Making the room for a second one can increase the value of your property, as well as make it more appealing to buyers. It doesn’t tend to be too expensive either, especially if you already have the flat ground needed to convert the space. You might lose a little front garden in the process, but the majority of buyers would prefer this to parking on the street or down the road.

To Conclude

It’s all about first impressions; they really are more important than we might think.

The exterior of your home is the very first thing they are going to see. It can be as simple as new plants and a fresh lick of paint, just as long as the outside welcomes visitors in. The popular tips we have listed in the previous section should be more than enough to help you get the exterior looking new again. It might be a little more effort and work, but the end results are absolutely worth it.

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