How to Maximise Space in Your Box Room


Most homes have a box room. You know the one; it’s that space you never use and thus lose to unnecessary junk and disarray. It’s the dead space, and it’s frankly somewhere you prefer not to think about. Instead, you close the door and act like it doesn’t exist.

The trouble is that the notorious box room is a bedroom in its own right, and there’s every chance this space alone added around 15% to overall property value. You could say, then, that letting it go to waste is a considerable waste of money.

That’s why many homeowners are now tackling their third bedrooms at last. Wouldn’t you love to be able to open that door for guests again? Wouldn’t it make you feel better to utilise this expensive home addition at last?

We thought as much. Sadly, as you probably know by now, this isn’t an easy room to tackle. Even if you have attempted to get the space junk-free and respectable, you may find that fitting everything necessary feels downright impossible.

It can be disheartening, but there is a way through. We’re going to help you find it by looking at how exactly you can maximise the space in your box room at last.

Perfect Your Furniture

Perfecting your furniture is the first and most crucial step towards creating a box room you can use. Too often, we make the mistake of attempting to fit bulky furniture in spaces like these. This creates a cluttered vibe that makes the space impossible to use, and can even lead to the junk-based focus you’re attempting to step away from.

By comparison, the perfect furniture can go a long way towards helping the space come alive. At the very least, it can prevent you from wasting quite as much of that already-limited space!

There are a few different ways to get the furniture right in a box room, and each can prove useful in different ways. Most notably, investing in furniture that#s the right size is an absolute must.

It’s astounding how many of us attempt to fit double beds into tiny spaces or cram large wardrobes we already have into small gaps. This is asking for trouble, and it’s no way to maximise your space. By instead investing in custom-made or thought-through furniture, you can fit belongings to the room rather than the other way round.

Options like clothing rails rather than wardrobes and day beds rather than double beds often work well here. Equally, investing in a custom-built wardrobe that fits between the bed and wall would see you fitting all the furniture you need at last. These are surprisingly simple steps, yet each can help you to start as you mean to go on with making the most of the space in your box room.

Consider Hidden Storage

There are no two ways around it; storage is always going to be a dilemma in a box room. But, this small niggle needn’t become as much as an issue as you’re thinking. There are ways to make storage work in even the smallest rooms, and cardboard boxes have nothing to do with it.

Instead, you need to focus on a little something called hidden storage. This is a technique that platforms like Pinterest pretty much revolve around, and it’s a secret that could save your box room once and for all. The question is, how exactly can you make hidden storage work here?

Honestly, you can go as far or as simplistic with this method as you like. In some instances, merely investing in storage containers that fit underneath the bed can do the trick. This is an efficient way to store a great deal of stuff. You could even do away with the need for wardrobes by storing clothes like this!

Other, more niche options, including things like behind-door storage racks (more on those later), and even nooks cut out of the wall and covered with pictures. If you want to get really hidden agent here, you could even install a few secret storage wall plugs (yes, that really is a thing!). The storage world is your oyster, just make sure that you’re coming up with ideas that don’t cost the space you’re trying so hard to maximise.

Take Storage up High

Along the storage vein, it’s also worth considering taking your storage methods up high. Cluttering the floor space in a small room is about the worst thing you can do. With as little as one or two chunky storage chests at floor level, you’ll struggle even to walk through the limited space.

By comparison, considering up-high storage solutions could see you enjoying the same amount of storage capabilities without once compromising on the floor space available to you. Trust us when we say that it doesn’t get much better than that for maximising what you’ve got. Think about this hard enough, and you may even find that the only thing taking up floor space down low is a bed itself. Box room organisation doesn’t get much better than that!

Floating shelves are an evident and reliable option here. By keeping these narrow and well-spaced, you can guarantee that even the smallest room looks a lot roomier than it would otherwise.

Even investing in wall-mounted cabinets and more can work here if you place them high enough that they don’t prevent passage. These are especially useful as they utilise the hidden storage techniques that are so vital for getting space right here.

You may even find that simple up-high steps such as a wall-mounted television stand or clothing rail can help towards adding to the room without damaging the space you have on offer.

Master Multi-Functional Features

When you’re working with limited space, multi-functional features become vital for getting things right. In fact, you could say they’re the Holy Grail of box room design. And, they’re not as tricky to come by as you think.

Remember when we mentioned hiding a storage rack behind that bedroom door? That’s a multi-functional feature right there, albeit a simplistic one. Still, it involves finding multiple uses for a feature that you might otherwise take for granted.

Similar techniques can include using your headboard as a bookcase, investing in a sofa bed that you can fold during the day, and much more.

The more you think about how you can make the best possible use out of everything you place within your box room, the more chances you have at maximising every possible inch of square space there. Why waste room with two things when you can have one, after all?

If you wanted to go all out with this, you could even incorporate desks that fold into bedside tables at night time and more. Why not create a bed headboard that opens out and creates a stand all of its own when no one’s sleeping?

Admittedly, you will need to practice a little DIY to make the best multi-functional features possible. But, when you consider how far this small step can take you towards maximising even the smallest room, it’s impossible not to see this as worthwhile.

Be Smart with Shapes

Getting smart with shapes is another fantastic way to utilise small spaces like these. Think about it; a wardrobe with rounded doors is never going to fit well with a square bed frame. Instead, maximising space is all about treating furniture like you would a jigsaw puzzle.

Again, ordering custom furniture can take you a long way towards achieving this goal, but it should be possible when buying pre-cut furniture, too. All you need to do is know your measurements and consider how your furniture will work together.

Straight-cut pieces are often best for this, with squares and rectangles surprisingly easy to fit together well in even a small space. With this method in mind, you should, for instance, find that you can place a chest of drawers at the bottom of your bed without wasting a single inch of unnecessary space.

Equally, considering furniture that can fit into corners as well as along straight walls is a vital aspect of the jigsaw approach. A wardrobe that slots nicely into a corner will be far more space effective than one that rests on a wall and juts out into the room. And, this is an easy-enough goal to achieve if you know what you’re looking for.

To get this right, it’s best to clear your box room altogether and start this entire process from scratch. Measure the room thoroughly, and then do a few basic divisions to work out precisely what size and shape each furniture item needs to be. With those measurements to hand, you should find that maximising this space becomes easier than ever before.

Use Mirrors

Of course, maximising any space is about more than just what you have in it. Taking steps to create the illusion of square footage can also work wonders for making the most of a box room. At the very least, steps like these can help to make the room a more pleasant place to spend time.

There are, of course, multiple options here, but many of them stand to cost you a fair amount. By comparison, investing in wisely-placed mirrors is a cost-effective and easy option for getting on top here.

Though you might find it hard to picture, using long, horizontal mirrors on two opposite facing walls, can mean adding a great deal of light into the space. The ongoing reflections that this method provides also guarantee that the room won’t feel anywhere near as claustrophobic.

That’s invaluable for making more of the space you have, as it’ll literally make you feel like you have more than you do. That’s what we call magic, and it could be within your reach by merely investing in and hanging as few as two frameless mirrors.

Focus on Lighter Colour Schemes

Speaking of light, a simple redecoration can have much more impact on the space available than you might imagine.

It’s no longer a secret to homeowners that painting a room in block bright colours, while fun, does add something of a claustrophobic vibe. By comparison, painting your box room all in white or similar can open the space, especially when paired with the other techniques mentioned.

If you can’t face letting go of colour altogether, you’ll be pleased to know that a well-selected feature wall can also work here. Adding a splash of colour to the furthest wall possible can certainly help to draw the eye, and thus create an illusion of space you’d struggle to achieve otherwise.

Get Picky

As simple as it may seem, it’s also worth noting that merely getting picky with what you include in your box room can help to maximise the space.

As we mentioned at the start of this article, there’s a real temptation to let junk and spare belongings build up in small rooms like these. Even if you try to keep things nice, you might make the mistake of attempting to fit as much furniture here as you would in a double bedroom.

Both of these are fatal mistakes and are never going to free you to make the most of this space.

Instead, you want to take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and declutter your box room until it, and everything in it brings you joy. Remember that you don’t need to fit an entire wardrobe in here. You don’t even need a television to make this room sparkle.

Instead, strip out all the clutter you don’t actually need until you’re left with a functional box room that looks a whole lot more spacious moving forward.


Making the most of your box room is never easy, especially if you’re approaching the task from scratch. Still, the techniques for getting this right are surprisingly simple once you think about them. As such, there’s no reason for you to keep neglecting your box room the way you have until now!

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