10 Tips for Preparing Your House for a Viewing


When you put your house up for sale, you enter a stressful period as you wait for people to register their interest. Time passes, but eventually, someone says they’re interested and wants to book a viewing. In many ways, the sale of your house hinges on a successful viewing!

Viewings are a chance for people to wander around your home and get a sense for what it’s like. They see the true size of it, the state it’s in, and the way everything is laid out. What happens after can go one of two ways. They either love what they see and proceed to make an offer, or they don’t like what they see and withdraw any interest.

Ideally, you want the first scenario to happen. So, here are some tips you should use to prepare your home for a viewing and wow prospective buyers:

Excellent Lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting during a house viewing. If your home is too gloomy, then this instantly gives off negative connotations. The interested parties will have a hard time seeing everything, and it probably makes the house feel a bit glum. Instead, you need to have excellent lighting in every room. Light up your home, so you proudly display everything, making it easier for people to look around and inspect all the fine details.

The best way to provide the best lighting is to really let the natural light in. Don’t just draw the curtains but use tie backs and don’t just open the blinds but fully retract them to allow as much light as possible to flood in through your windows. This makes your whole house feel more illuminated, creating a happier and more positive vibe for potential buyers to enjoy.

Tidy Up

The worst thing you can do is leave your house dirty and cluttered. If your children have their clothes and shoes lying all over the place, or there’s dirt on the walls, then it’s incredibly off-putting. It’s hard for someone to imagine themselves living in the house when it looks like an absolute tip!

So, spend a lot of time giving your home a clean from top to bottom. Leave no stone unturned and clean areas that you’ve probably never cleaned before. If you tend to move all your rubbish and clutter to the attic or garage, then you’ve got to change that tactic for a viewing. Remember, your entire house is available to view, so people will want to see these areas. If they’re greeted with piles of empty boxes or old toys, then they don’t get a proper sense of what these areas look like.

Tidy up the house, donate old items to charity shops, and really focus on minimising the clutter in there. Of course, try and get rid of stains on walls or tiles as well – mould in the shower is particularly off-putting during viewings. A clean home is a more attractive home, and you will find it easier to sell yours.

Make Your House Look Like A Home

With regards to the previous point, many of you may start throwing everything out of your home to make it as spacious and clean as possible. However, it’s crucial to keep hold of a few things that make your house feel more homely. Some people remove family photos before viewings, but it can be a good idea to keep them up. This gives the viewers a sense of what it’s like to live in this home with their family. The same goes for all the furniture; keep it during the viewings and keep all your bedsheets on as well.

Essentially, this is the difference between someone walking around an empty building and someone walking around an actual home. Yes, your home needs to be tidy, but don’t remove all signs of life from it! It could also be a good idea to re-arrange some of your furniture to present a more homely atmosphere in different rooms as well.

Show Off Your Closet Space

Do you have storage closets in your home? Or, perhaps you have built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms for clothes to hang in? Either way, make sure you show off the space inside them. Don’t throw all your rubbish in there when you tidy up. You want the viewers to see how much storage space is on offer in your home as it’s a big deal to a lot of people.

Naturally, you can’t really throw out all of your clothes if you have built-in closets for bedrooms. Instead, just tidy them up and do your best to demonstrate how much you can get inside the closet. If anything, this helps provide a better idea of how big the clothes closets are for your viewers.

Prepare House for Viewing

Don’t Neglect The Exterior

When you prepare your house for a viewing, it’s easy to get caught up on the interior. You’re focused on making everything look neat and presentable inside, mainly because this is where the viewers will spend most of their time. But, first impressions count for a lot. Your prospective buyers can have an instant negative mindset from the appearance of the exterior of your property. If your front garden is unruly and there’s paint peeling from your exterior walls, then it doesn’t look very attractive at all.

With that in mind, don’t neglect the exterior. Re-paint the walls, clean your windows, put a few charming potted plants by the front door, etc. Tidy up the front garden and driveway if you have them, and you get the instant curb appeal. Now, your home gives a much better first impression, so the viewing can start off on the right foot.

Keep the Temperature Just Right

Your house has to be at a suitable temperature during all viewings. If you’re selling your home during the colder months, then make sure you leave the central heating on if you know there are upcoming viewings. Don’t go overboard and make it too warm as this will leave everything feeling hot and sweating. Set a temperature, so it’s just warm enough to make everyone feel comfortable.

The same goes for the summer months – open windows if it’s too hot, so the temperature is just right. It sounds weird, but this has a profound impact on the success of your viewings. If someone is too hot or too cold, then it gives them something to be distracted about.

Make Your House Smell Nice

A lot of these tips focus on how your house looks, and the temperature one focuses on how it feels, now it’s time to think about how it smells. Smells play a crucial role when selling your home – will someone want to buy a property that smells really bad? The chances are they’ll want to be out of there extremely quickly, meaning you miss out on a possible bid.

It’s so easy to make your house smell nice, there are plenty of things to do. Open the windows to let fresh air come in and ventilate your home, light candles before viewings, or use those plug-in air fresheners. One top tip for those who want to go the extra mile is to bake something just before your viewers arrive. The smell of freshly baked bread wafting through your house will make it ten times more appealing!

Spruce Up Your Garden

If you have a garden, then you need to get it ready for your house viewing as well. Gardens are a big selling point for homes – some families even see them as dealbreakers. If the grass is overgrown and you have loads of bushes or hedges that are out of control, then something needs to be done about it. Not only can this make your garden look bad, but it can also make it seem smaller.

It’s advisable to cut your lawn nice and short before a viewing and trim any bushes or hedges. De-weed your garden as necessary, and make it look good as new. People love spacious and clean gardens, so make yours work in your favour!

Prepare Garden for Viewing

Put Emphasis On The Kitchen and Bathroom

Obviously, there are many rooms in your house. However, two of the most significant are the kitchen and bathroom. Both of these rooms are key selling points for your house, so they have to be in tip-top condition. Clearly, you’ll give them a thorough clean when you clean the rest of your home. But, if you’re going to make any little improvements to your property prior to a viewing, then these are the best rooms for investment.

For example, investing a bit of money to get your bathroom re-tiled or to completely remove mould from the grouting will be extremely beneficial. Likewise, spending some cash on new kitchen cabinet doors to replace your worn old ones will also help. People love houses with exceptional kitchens and bathrooms as it leaves them with less work to do when they move in. So, putting some extra effort into these rooms could help you close a sale.

Get Out Of The House!

Lastly, make sure you get out of the house when viewings are going on. It can be tempting to stick around, so you see what people think of your home, but it’s actually just awkward. Viewers are less likely to be honest when they see the owner sitting on the sofa or standing around watching them. It also gives them another distraction, which can alter the way they see your home.

Leave the house for all the viewings, so the viewers have total freedom to look around. It gives them a chance to be more thorough as they check everything, and they can formulate honest opinions.

Remember, the sale of your house hinges on the viewings. If they go well, you’ll end up with multiple parties throwing bids at you. This puts the ball in your court as you can drive the price up as much as possible, getting more money for your house. If the viewing goes poorly, then you’ll have no bids and might be forced to lower your initial asking price to try and attract more interest. To ensure this doesn’t happen – and that all your viewings go excellently – follow all the tips in this guide.

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