Why a Conservatory is a Great Way to Add Value


Are you exploring the best ways to add value to your property? If so, then you might want to consider a conservatory. When you consider making changes to your home to add value for a potential future sale, you need to keep a few factors in mind. 

You need to consider what a buyer wants from a home they purchase and how to get the greatest impact while spending the least amount of money. You should also consider whether a new feature or change will benefit you while you continue to live there. 

There are many fantastic reasons why a conservatory is a fantastic way to add value and ticks all the boxes. Let’s explore some of the reasons. 

Conservatories Are In High Demand 

When you make changes to your home, you need to think about the features that buyers always want. A conservatory is going to be a highly sought after feature. It could ensure that your home stands out from other properties available on the market. With the right design and a quality build, a conservatory can be nothing short of a unique selling point when your home is up for sale on the market. 

A conservatory is also something that buyers want but aren’t always keen to build themselves. There’s a lot of misconceptions about constructing conservatories including the belief that they are expensive and difficult to add to a home. This deters owners from building them and makes it far more likely that they will purchase a property where one has already been set up. 

Increase Value

Due to the high demand as well as the additional space of your home, a conservatory that is well built, well constructed and made to a high standard of quality will always increase the value of your home. This doesn’t just impact the perceived value, it will change the actual valuation you may receive from an estate agent. Immediately, you will be in a far stronger position when you put your property up for sale on the market. 

So how much value will you add to your home? Well, experts believe that the right conservatory with the ideal style could add as much as 7% to the overall value of the property. As such, it’s possible that this change will help you make a sizeable profit on your home when it is time to sell. Do be aware that this isn’t just about whether you get a quality build. You need to think about where you’re going to build as well. It’s important that the conservatory is north facing so that it does get the right level of sunlight through the day. 

Energy Efficient 

Of course, if we are exploring the requirements and concerns of the modern buyer, then it’s impossible to ignore the issue of energy. When polled, many buyers often reveal that their main concern is whether they are purchasing an energy-efficient property. They want to help save the planet and keep the costs of the home under control. Well, with a conservatory, you will be adding a high energy efficient extension to the home. 

In the past, this wasn’t the case. Conservatories were renowned for being too hot in the summer months and too cold in the winter. Essentially, they were a part of the home that wasn’t suitable for use regardless of the season. However, that has changed with new materials and innovative build designs. This is particularly true with the latest conservatory roof systems. They can handle all extreme temperatures finally guaranteeing that this is a space that you can use all year round. 

Buyers know this and it’s just one more reason why this could be a great way to add a lot more value to your property. 

It’s not just about adding an energy-efficient room to your home either. A conservatory can have a fantastic benefit on energy levels throughout your property. Since a conservatory brings more light into your home, this means that you will need to rely less on artificial light sources. So, immediately, you will cut the costs of your electricity down. Through the summer months, you can also open the doors and windows of the conservatory to create a steady airflow through your home instead of using fans and other appliances that cost energy. 

More Space

When you think about adding value to your home, you should always keep in mind how a home is evaluated. Before you delve into the extra details and unique features, the most important factor is always going to be the amount of living space usually in square feet. If you can increase the level of living space in your home, then you will always change the value of the property. 

Conservatories are one of the best ways to boost the level of living space and they can be as large as you like. You can also build them at any point you want around your home, utilising the garden space that you may not require. For many buyers, a beautiful conservatory will be more attractive compared with an oversized garden. 

Another big benefit of the space is that buyers know they will be able to use it however they like. A conservatory can be the ideal space for the new dining area in your home, study or full office. It can be a space for entertaining guests to your home as well and these are just a few of the examples. Some people like to have a conservatory set up as a gym area because it is a bright space, ideal for motivation. This is also one of the reasons why it is useful as an office too. 

You might be thinking about moving out of your current home to relocate to a larger property with more space. However, once you add your new conservatory, you may find that you suddenly have all the space you ever needed and there will be no reason to relocate. 

A conservatory is also the ideal spot to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area beyond your home and of course a beautiful garden. As such, it’s also a highly attractive possibility for those who are keen to embrace the alfresco lifestyle. 

Indeed, in many ways, this is a room in your property that will connect the home and the garden in a completely seamless way. 


You have numerous choices if you are thinking about adding an extension onto your property. For instance, you might think about adding the infamous loft extension. We say infamous because loft extensions are notorious for being both difficult and cost-effective. A loft extension will also only be suitable for certain homes without massive changes to the build of the property.

A conservatory is probably as close to a universal extension as you can get. Ultimately, this means that you will be able to add a conservatory onto your home, regardless of your type of build. All you need is the right level of space and planning permission.

As well as this, conservatories are also cost-effective. Compared to other extensions, a conservatory will fit into most home improvement budgets that you could be working with. You don’t have to save a massive amount of money to add a conservatory onto your home. It also provides incredible value for money because you can get exactly what you need. With a conservatory, you can create the ideal space that you want for your home. You don’t have to adhere to certain requirements. The possibilities are endless and there are some truly unique and innovative design concepts available too. 


There are some extensions that look out of place as part of a home. When people view the property, they will know exactly which part was built at a later date. With a conservatory, there are a variety of different possibilities when you are selecting the design. For instance, you can think about creating a conservatory that fits seamlessly with the rest of the home design and looks incredible. 

Alternatively, you can go in a completely different direction and guarantee that it does stand out in all the right ways. You can select a design that becomes the centrepiece attraction for your property. With the right design choice, a conservatory can add new benefits to the curb appeal of your home.

You can speak to a designer about different possibilities and find the right choice for your property. You can experiment with everything from different shades to completely fresh designs and materials. Or, you can use materials that perfectly match your existing home build. 

Natural Light

More Light is always going to be beneficial when you are exploring the best ways to improve home value. By making your home lighter, you can guarantee that it looks larger and that it seems to have more space. This is exactly what buyers are looking for and the conservatory is a great way to add more light to your property. 

A conservatory will typically have a roof that is 75% glass and a wall area that is about 50% glass. This means that the entire room is designed to let light in. If you have glass doors leading into the conservatory or the conservatory isn’t detached at all, this is going to help spread light to other areas of the property. You can make your kitchen, family room or living area a lot brighter once you add a conservatory. 

Cheaper Than Moving 

You could be put off adding a conservatory to your property due to the potential cost. This is in one way understandable because you will have to make a sizeable investment to add a conservatory. That said, it will always be far more economical than moving to a larger property. So, if you are looking for more space than a conservatory is going to be the best choice from a financial perspective. 

As well as this, the designs of conservatories are completely customizable. As such, you can find the right one that matches your budgetary needs down to a tee. You don’t have to worry about going overboard with the cost of this change to your home. 

You’re Not A Gardener

Many people hate the idea of gardening. You could be one of those people and so could a potential buyer viewing your property. If you’re not a fan of your garden and you have a patio that you never use it certainly makes sense to instead get more from this space. You can do that with a conservatory and save yourself time managing and maintaining the garden. This is also going to make your home far more attractive to a particular subset of buyers. 

Unlike the garden, you will also be able to use the conservatory all year around. So, it’s definitely a more practical use of this space. Particularly if you have a larger garden anyway. 

A Family Choice 

When you do think about selling your property, it’s important to keep in mind the target buyer. In most cases, this is going to be a couple looking to start a family or a family that is growing. A conservatory is a highly family orientated space. This is evidenced by the vast number of different uses there are for this particular space. 

Ultimately, you need to consider what buyers see when they view a home with a conservatory. They see space where they can spend summer afternoons and evenings or even winter nights staring up at the stars. It’s a clear reason why a conservatory is always going to add a lot more to the perceived value of the property. 


If you wish, you can use a conservatory as a greenhouse. After all, this is what these spaces were originally designed for. It’s another great selling point and something that you can highlight or mention when people are viewing your property. 

There are a variety of different plants that will grow beautifully in a conservatory including ginger lily as well as bougainvillaea. Adding to the fact that this is a room you can use all year round, you can use the windowsills of the conservatory to provide light and warmth for seeds while keeping them safe just before growing season. 

You won’t need a separate greenhouse if you have a conservatory. Instead, you’ll be able to grow everything you need in there including tomatoes and peppers. This is a convenient choice because you will be able to have everything you need close by to the kitchen. It’s also going to make the conservatory and potentially the rest of the room smell great. 

Built To Last

Assuming you choose the right contractor and team to build your conservatory, this isn’t going to be a change that provides finite benefits. In contrast, conservatories are built to last. They will withstand the worst that the weather can bring and require limited levels of maintenance. As such, you don’t have to worry that your investment in a conservatory will depreciate after a few years. It will continue to add value to your home even if you decide not to sell immediately after you build it. 

Wealth Of Interior Design Options

We often have a set concept of what a conservatory is going to look like on the inside. For instance, you might that it will have blinds hanging from the windows or a particular type of furniture. However, the beautiful thing about a conservatory is that it is a completely versatile space. So, you’ll be able to customise it and design the decor in whatever way you need or want. The big benefit of doing this is that you will be able to ensure that you can use the space in a variety of different ways. You can even add curtains through the winter to keep the heat in and ensure that it’s a cosy space in your property. 

Improve The Lifestyle 

You need to remember when you’re selling a home that a buyer isn’t just looking for something that will provide four walls and a roof. Instead, they are making a lifestyle choice. So, what type of lifestyle will your home provide? 

Well, with a conservatory, you are always going to be offering a buyer some fantastic benefits. Due to the high level of natural light provided in a conservatory, it can be the perfect space to relax and de-stress after a long day. Many buyers are going to love this idea and you can benefit yourself while you continue to live there. The right conservatory will even help ensure that your home looks and feels more modern. It will persuade buyers that they are viewing a home that is on trend with the right style and design. 

We hope this helps you understand why the conservatory is such a great option when exploring new ways to add value to your home. With this choice, you can make sure that you impress buyers and get more from your home while you continue to live there.

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