Why It’s Smart to Invest in Double Glazed Windows


It’s something you have likely heard of, especially as most homeowners tend to have it installed now. Double glazing has a lot of hype surrounding it; everything from lowering energy bills to providing you with a better valuation for your home. Could it really be as good as it sounds? The short answer is yes, it can. Why not read through this expert guide to discover just how fantastic double-glazed windows are, and the benefits they can have for your home.

What is Double Glazing?

Essentially, these are windows that have two glass panes instead of one, and there is a gap between them that is filled with gas so that heat can be trapped inside your home. This space is usually either 6mm or 12mm wide for the best results. There are many benefits to their design, as you will discover in the next section.

You can also invest in something called secondary glazing. This is where a second pane is installed in your existing window to create a double-glazing effect. It is not as effective as the real deal, but it will still trap some warmth and help your energy bills a little. It’s also cheaper than full double glazing, so makes for an affordable option.

Is it Effective?

Yes, added correctly, these windows are exceptionally effective and come with many extra benefits over single-paned glass. If you want the best and most efficient double-glazed glass, you should go for the models that have gas (primarily argon) between the panes. Combined with the low-emissivity glass, it has a reflective coating that bounces sunlight back into the home; keeping it warmer in winter.

Here’s a quick rundown to show you have double glazing is effective:

  • Keeps the warm air in for better insulation
  • Keeps the noise out, so you can enjoy a quieter home
  • Reduces condensation dramatically
  • Harder to break, increasing security

Types of Glazing

Double glazed windows can improve energy efficiency

When we talk about types, we are looking at the energy rating they are given. This starts with A++ being the best, and E being the worst. However, you should never come across a D or an E because all building regulations require that new double-glazed windows being installed have a rating of at least C. This is to ensure that they remain efficient and are able to keep heat in as well as noise out.

The main difference between all of these ratings is that the energy savings are a lot less for anything below A++, so you won’t have the heating as low as you would if you chose something that has a better efficiency score. You also need to look out for the U-value, as this is another important feature that has to be considered.

This is the measure of how easily heat is able to pass through something. The lower the amount of heat that can escape, the higher the U-value will be. It looks at every aspect of the window, right down to the materials, which makes it even better at determining how efficient they are going to be.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

It really does depend on things like the type of double glazing you choose, the size, and the material that is used for the frame. It can cost anything from £500 all the way to £3000 and above, so you need to talk this through with the window company. Call around to several different ones so that you can get a clear idea of what you need, as well as compare prices across the board.

When Does Double Glazing Need to be Replaced?

For around 69% of people who have double glazing, the reason for getting new panes was to replace the existing ones. All glass wears out over time, and you will need to get new double-glazed panes at some point. Here are some of the signs that you need to start considering this:

  • They start to get draughty
  • They are leaking and letting water into the home
  • The home is starting to get noisier
  • The UPVC is yellowing or the wood cracking
  • The seals have visible damage
  • They are difficult to open, close, or lock
  • They are covered in condensation, especially between panes

There are times when you can simply make repairs, and everything will be fine, but it is best to consult with a professional first. They can usually tell you if you will need to replace the glass or if it can be repaired, so you are able to ensure they remain as efficient as possible.

Energy Savings

You will be sure to save money on your energy bills, simply because you aren’t going to need to have the heating up so much in winter. 67% of homeowners with double glazing say that their house feels warmer, and 35% felt that it had reduced their energy bills by a decent amount.

In fact, if you replaced all the windows in a detached home with top quality double glazing, you could be looking at energy savings of £110-115 per year. For a mid-terraced house, it would be around £60, so the savings in question can depend on the kind of home that you live in. For the latter type of home, it is hard to retain the heat because it is lost naturally through the houses attached on either side.

Does Double Glazing Increase the Value of Your Home?

Yes, it absolutely does.

That’s one of the great things about double glazing; it’s the perfect way to increase a home’s value. The vast majority of people already have double glazing in their homes, and if you don’t, then this is just a great way to keep up with everyone else so that your property doesn’t suffer when a prospective buyer is viewing it. An incredible 76% of people have upgraded their windows to these better and more efficient ones, so why haven’t you?

What About Triple Glazing?

So, this is a form of glazing that is becoming more popular but isn’t quite a big as double glazing.

It has a third pane of glass to keep even more heat in and sound out; making your home more comfortable and efficient. There are even some companies that use a different type of gas between the panes to trap even more heat and reflect greater amounts of sunlight.

Of course, it is also more expensive than double glazing. The extra pane of glass and the potential for a different gas really does add to the cost. However, they are worth it for the energy savings and the added warmth in the winter months. If you decide to try out triple glazing, have it installed in the coldest rooms of your house first so that you can test out how effective they are.

To Conclude

Double glazing is one of the best and most effective ways to keep heat in and create a home that is both safer and quieter.

Why not consider replacing your glass with double, or even triple, glazing?

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